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digitalbauhaus is your partner when it comes to individual software solutions. Nevertheless, over the years we have also developed some standardized solutions ourselves - digital application routes, online event management or our soccer prediction games 'goal'. The advantage: They are ready for use quickly and can still be adapted precisely to your needs with little effort. This is how we quickly turn our products into yours.

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The prediction game for companies, clubs and friends for the European Championship 2024 More

Digital application routes

The secure and user-friendly digital application process

Account application path, xx or yy If you are already creating software forms, then you do the right thing: XXNAME is the right software for creating online forms, securely collecting and storing data and processing it reliably as required for your business processes.

The task:

Digital application routes are a core module in the digitization of processes. Typical examples are:

  • Insurance companies that want to accept applications from their customers
  • Banks that allow an account to be opened via an application process
  • internal inquiries from employees to support (IT, HR, etc.).

Our Solution:

In the case of digital application routes, two things are particularly important: a user-friendly, well-designed user interface and the secure storage and further processing of the recorded data. At digitalbauhaus, we ensure that both fit your individual requirements and goals and guarantee the necessary connections to the backend systems - unless they are developed directly by us.



The next European Championship and World Cup will definitely come - and with it the enthusiasm for a competition away from the green lawn. goal is a prediction game for companies, communities or more than 11 friends.

The task:

goal is a classic online prediction game that can be easily customized. It becomes an offer to your customers and / or your employees. goal is suitable for you if you:

  • want to use a soccer event for internal or external communication - for customer loyalty or for team building.
  • It is important that the participants act in a closed user group.
  • prefer a solution that can be integrated into your company's IT or linked to the HR system.

Our solution:

As a closed prediction game, goal can only be reached via a participant login or a single sign-on. Individuals and teams can compete against each other within the betting community. You can keep an eye on your fellow players using current ranking lists. Statistics provide insights into the soccer event. goal is individually adapted to the design of the customer company and fully supported by us.



Digital event or major event - for many participants, smooth processes are a central challenge. With event2web we have created a modular online event app that efficiently supports you in planning, executing and evaluating your event.

The task:

Anyone who regularly holds events for 100 to 10,000 people faces a variety of challenges. These include, among others

  • communication with participants by email or post.
  • the presentation and transmission of up-to-date information to the participants - from the invitation via xx to the feedback survey
  • the management of accreditation, hotel allocations or print-on-demand services

Our solution:

With event2web digitalbauhaus has developed a modular event tool for event organization and event management. Together with you we configure your event, accompany the participants with an individual online portal and evaluate your event. At the same time, we support you or your event agency in all work related to participant management. The individual modules of event2web can be put together individually. In this way we ensure that your online event app always exactly meets your requirements.